"We just returned from our trip and I want you to know that Israel was by far the most amazing country we visited.  Tova Saul was our guide in Jerusalem and she was absolutely fabulous. She obviously has a passion for what she does. She made sure we saw everything we possibly could with the time we had and was very informative. She explains things in a clear and entertaining manner. She is very knowledgeable. She even invited us to her home for a Shabbat dinner. An unforgettable experience for us. I just can't say enough. We will be highly recommending her to anyone interested in visiting Jerusalem."

Evelyn Kasdjono 
Chicago, Illinois, USA

"This past Summer of 2011 my 12-year son and I spent three weeks on vacation in Israel. Tova Saul was our guide for four days.  She took us to every corner of the Old City of Jerusalem and Ir DavidMasada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea, Bar-Kochba Caves, Gush Etzion... Tova is an unique kind of tour guide, because she is not just knowledgeable about history and geography of the entire country of Israel, Tanach, local vegetation, and many more aspects but she brings the tours alive by performing interactive plays related to the places and tells fascinating stories as well.  My son and I had the most amazing fun and learning experience at the same time. G'd willing, we plan to return to visit other places in Israel and would like having Tova again as our tour guide."

Arnaldo Frydman
Houston, Texas, USA

Notes written by 10 and 8 year old sisters from Houston, Texas, USA:

"Dear Tova (our excellent, terrific, best tour guide ever!),

Thank you for being our tour guide!!  I love all of the stories you tell.  Thank you for all that you did.  I love to eat and be with you. 

Love, Gia Grodner"

"Dear Tova,

You are the best tour guide ever.  You tell the best stories ever.  You put lots of details in the stories.


Kayla Grodner"

"Thank you again for such an amazing experience, we are very impressed with how you captivated the kids and of course adults too. You managed the information volume well and still kept it interesting. The kittens were a hit. We are already planning a trip back with the kids. It's the first holiday we have had that left us longing for more.... urgently!!! I also wanted to add that you were fantastic at organizing our itinerary including purchasing tickets for the Ramparts. Our boys enjoyed the story telling along the way, the dress-up and of course yummy treats to fill hungry tummies. The adults were very happy with your knowledge and your super great ideas. Thank you for having us again in your home and introducing us to your kittens. And for delicious ice-cream and brownies."

-Cathy Roberts

Sydney, Australia

"Tova Saul is an Israeli national treasure. If you are lucky enough to have her be your tour guide you should be prepared for a wealth of knowledge. If you love Jewish history, the environment and animals there is no better opportunity than to take her tour. We did and would have never had access to the same insider situations from the best hiking spots to sea turtle rescue (and compassion for all creatures)."

-Eileen Weintraub
President and Founder
Help Animals India
Seattle, Washington, USA


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