A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tova got her Masters in Social Work work and worked with troubled adolescents in Maryland.  As the first stop on an open-ended world trip, Tova arrived in Jerusalem and fell in love right away.  She began learning about Judaism and, in time, decided to stay in Israel and make her home in the Old City of Jerusalem.

    As a licensed Israel tour guide, she gets to do one of her favorite things--connect people to Israel's inspiring, fun, and often life-changing experiences.  She has been designing and leading tours since 1987 and has vast knowledge that allows her to develop plans unique to each group.  From bird-watching to business, soccer to dance, meeting ethnic groups or Mongolian tent-making--any of your personal interests can be embedded like gems, Israeli-style, in one or several days of touring.

    Here’s what sets Israel Adventure's tours apart:
  • Tova is great with kids of all ages.  When there are children in the group, it's a priority that they have a great time.  Kids get  lots of hands-on activities and short exciting stories.  Parents are always pleased with how much their kids learn from Tova, without  feeling like they are in a lecture.
  • Tova is a great story-teller, which helps people learn Israel's history easily and enjoyably.  Rather than spouting lots of dates, borders, and battles, a good true story or popular legend paint an entire historical landscape.  We believe that the job of a guide is to whet people's curiosities to be open to learn more in the future.  
  • Tova is creative, and often use costumes, a little drama, Israeli folk songs, Israeli poetry, and games to bring the tour to life.
  • Tova loves to share her passion for wildlife. She particularly loves to guide hikes through Israel's canyons, streams, waterfalls and caves. I'm very much a "country mouse" and I love introducing "city mice" to animals, plants, and enchanting ecosystems.


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