Designing a trip to Israel can be daunting!

Guests to Israel have different interests, and and sometimes aversions,  depending on their number of visits to Israel, physical abilities, knowledge of Israeli history, age span, religious backgrounds, and how early they are willing to get out of bed.  

A good tour guide can help design a trip suited exactly for you and your group.

Each tour guide is also different.  Some are great with kids, some can discuss intricacies about Israeli politics or business,  some can quote a relevant tidbit from the Talmud at the drop of a hat, some can regale with stories from serving in the IDF, some are slick at converting city-slickers into avid wilderness/wildlife fans, some can field any question in archaeology.........We are quite a varied, colorful bunch of characters.
Israel Adventures can create a customized itinerary for you, your family or a group to ensure an exciting and personalized experience in Israel!