Most visitors to Israel don't fully grasp the breadth of what there is to see and do in Israel, beyond the most famous sites.  Even nooks in the middle of nowhere in Israel have studios of various creative arts, start-ups, natural wonders, excavations, small imaginative museums, spiritual retreats, innovative and moving social and medical welfare centers such as youth villages and vocational training for specific groups, and other sundry destinations above and beyond the places that are familiar to the ear.

Although the inspiring Yehuda and Shomron regions (the "West Bank") are avoided by most tour agencies, either due to the political orientation of the staff, or security issues, Israel Adventures is in regular contact with security and can offer tours in this region if the situation at the time allows.    

This small list of possible places to explore in various regions is meant to help widen a visitor's perception of the wealth of worthwhile places to experience in this historically, creatively, and ecologically intense country.

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