"Animal Adventures" does not mean zoos, modern "robotic" dairies, donkey rides.   I stick to uplifting projects involving animal rescue, animal-assisted therapy, and wildlife conservation.  Here are some options:

Animal Assisted Therapy: Using rescued dogs with African refugee children, holocaust survivors in a psychiatric hospital, or hospitalized children;

A busy free clinic that provides the only veterinary care for hundreds of Arabs' working horses and donkeys in the northern West Bank, funded by an Israeli non-profit;

Crane Migration:  In early evening till nightfall, November till February, a spectacle worthy of National Geographic, one can ride in a covered wagon to view 30,000 cranes flying to the Hula Lake to sleep for the night.  A boar, sand cat, fox, or nutria may show up as well. The backdrop is the Golan Heights glowing in the sunset, pink skies, and snowy Mt. Hermon.

A donkey and horse rescue center. Each animal has its own rescue story;

The Alexander River, to see the huge indigenous soft-shelled turtles.

Sea Turtle Rescue Center:  A one-hour tour of the center's sea turtle rescue activities;

Israel National Therapeutic Riding Association: pioneers for therapeutic riding in Israel.  Can watch the therapeutic team and the horses work with disabled soldiers, handicapped children, and youth at risk.

Friday Adoption Day: volunteers proffer shelter dogs for adoption in a Jerusalem city park.

Jerusalem Bird Observatory: a conservation and education center, visitors can learn to ring birds and hear about bird conservation in Israel.  

Afrikef,where monkeys have been rescued, rehabilitated, and placed in natural environments.

Hai Bar, where animals that were hunted to extinction in Israel are being bred and released.

Spay Israel:  Meet the dedicated team in action, as they trap, spay, and release Jerusalem's street cats.

The Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind:  A one hour tour of the only school for training guide dogs in the Middle East.

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